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Welcome to Maryó’s world

Maryó is a company we established to introduce all over the world the culinary treasures of our homeland, Greece

Traveling through the back roads of the Greek countryside, we have encountered a dazzling assortment of delicacies. Their charm lies not only in their earthly taste, but also in the personal stories of their producers. Hard-working people cultivating ancient family plots, monastic communities following time-honored traditions, young people turning to sustainable agriculture – this is the modern legacy of the Greek countryside.

Our ambition is to introduce you to these people and your palate to their produce. Discover our premium extra virgin olive oil but also our exquisite honey in different flavors.

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About Maryó

Maryo (Μαριώ) is a nickname for Maria in Greece.  It expresses/shows affection, friendship but also simplicity.

Our Maryo is a simple girl born in a big city. She was spending her holidays in her parents’ village in the countryside. She could see there her grandparents taking good care of their fields (olive groves, vineyards, vegetable gardens). She would observe her family harvesting their crops and afterwards preparing delicious meals with their products. That was her first connection with nature and where she experienced new smells and tastes developing a subconscious appreciation for good food. It was there also where all the family was gathering around the table, enjoying good food and wine, while discussing and sharing stories.

Maryo grew up, travelled a lot but she keeps filling her basket only with quality products and she recreates the dishes that would awake her childhood memories and have the taste of her mother’s and grandmother’s food. 

Our Maryo wants to bring you back your memories – or create new ones- that would be passed also through generations by sharing the products of her basket.

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Leanderlaan 3,5631LC, EIndhoven

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