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The new year has come with lot's of difficulties for certain families in Evia, Greece. Maryó Artisan Products in collaboration with HelpEvia are hoping to provide a little help for those families in need.

Help Evia

In August 2021, Evia, the second largest island in Greece, was hit by a series of fierce forest fires. Forests, fields, vineyards and orchards and beehives went up in smoke. An ecological disaster and a consequent economic catastrophe for the inhabitants of the island. The future of the 40,000 inhabitants of Northern Evia looks ominous.


Help Evia

A little after the fires Michalis Theodorou and Giorgos Selimis - both living and working in the Netherlands for more than 13 years and being originally from Evia themselves- put their forces together to form the foundation Help Evia ( Their mission is to provide relief and support to the citizens of Evia on one hand and on the other to promote the identity of north Evia.


Help Evia

We at Maryó Artisan Products found this initiative sincere, thoughtful and direct.  We understand the foundation's approach: first hearing the needs of the people and then acting and helping accordingly.

For that reason we would also like to actively participate and contribute to their cause. Primarily by creating awareness to our network and customers. We invite you to look at this initiative and donate to the foundation's cause directly (

Secondly we are introducing together with our 5lt tin package of Maryó's premium extra virgin olive oil, the 500ml and 250ml bottles of 0.2  premium extra virgin olive oil, of Almpantakis family, Malevizi province, Crete. For every tin sold we are donating  5 euros to HelpEvia foundation (shop here).

Also for every bottle sold we are donating  3 euros (bottle 500ml) and 1.5 euros (bottle 250ml) (shop here).

We are hoping in this way to bring hope to the citizens of Evia for a brighter future.

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