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Our philosophy & principles

In people we trust: To us, getting to know the producers of our food, their methods and farms, is integral to the overall food experience. We firmly believe that acquainting oneself with those people helps ascertain freshness and quality from harvest to table.

Supporting small producers: We feel that the best way to secure the Greek culinary legacy is by supporting small producers. These are the people entrusted with the safekeeping of food-making secrets passed down through generations. The versatility of the Greek culinary ecosystem originates and flourishes in the small plots of these people, whose daily toil yields down to earth culinary treasures.

Healthy and delicious: Besides being a delicious ingredient, extra virgin olive oil  is very important to our health. A growing body of scientific evidence suggests that extra virgin olive oil has multiple health benefits. However, only top quality extra virgin olive oil is a rich source of polyphenols, which are valuable natural antioxidants.

Food as an absolute experience: We have always believed that food is more than a mere necessity. Food is our passion, the means to forging a connection with friends and family. Food is about offering and caring, as much as it is about sharing stories.

For us, food is an element of identity. It reveals our traditions, culture and customs, yet also reveals to us new flavors and culinary destinations. Food is an absolute experience.

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