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Maryó Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L

Maryó Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil 5L

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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced only from hand-picked olives of the renowned Koroneiki variety. These olives are growing in selected fields of Heraklion prefecture in Crete. The harvest  starts early, when olives just start to turn from green to violet, the right ripening moment.

The combination of centuries old tradition and modern extracting techniques results in  an exquisite olive oil, with very low acidity (<0.4%) exhibiting a strong character, and rich aromas.

Beyond extra virgin: The acidity is one of the main quality characteristics of olive oil. Ours, has an acidity level much lower than EU requirements to label an olive oil as extra virgin. As a result, We have an olive oil with the finest taste and the most health benefits.

Single Harvest: We never mix olive oil from previous harvests.

Single cultivar: Maryo extra virgin olive oil is produced from a single cultivar of olives, the bespoken Koroneiki cultivar.

Same day milling and cold extraction: Olives are harvested each morning and  are milled in small batches the same afternoon. During all stages of milling, the temperature is controlled and never exceeds the 26°C. Milling the olives so fresh, without heating the olive paste, results in an olive oil with minimum acidity levels that maintains all its aromas.

No heavy filtering: After milling, the fresh olive oil is turbid. By decanting in  stainless steel tanks for 8-10 weeks, it is becoming clear. This is a slow, natural process which preserves the original flavour, colour and aroma of the olives.


    Type of Oil: Premium extra virgin olive oil

    Cultivar: Koroneiki. (characteristics of Koroneiki)

    Region of production: Pediada province, Crete

    Elevation: 300-400 m

    Harvest method: Hand Picked

    Harvest period: From November to January

    Extracting Process: First cold extraction (<26°C) within 5hrs from harvest

    Storage: Stainless steel vats





  • Supporting HelpEvia organization

    For every purchase of Maryó Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil , we are donating 5 euros to HelpEvia organization to support the families who suffered from the big fires during summer 2021 in Greece.

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