Premium extra virgin olive oil

Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Agarathos Monastery | 750ml

Maryó is supporting Children In Need Institute (CINI).
By buying today a bottle of Maryó:
- You support CINI and its mission
- You support a small olive oil producing community in the island of Crete, Greece.
- You enjoy the great taste of our healthy awarded premium extra virgin olive oil.

For each of 600 bottles sold, 5 Euros will be donated to CINI. Read more about CINI and our joint effort

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Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil



In the heart of Crete, in the hills of Pediada province, little has changed over time. The region extends a welcoming hand to the visitor through its numerous small villages, arranged on slopes peppered with olive groves, vineyards and orchards. In this rich soil, elevated ideally, the locals have been producing delicious olive oil for centuries. It is here that we looked for the distinguished olive oil we sign.

Upon tasting numerous varieties on location, we settled on a select batch prepared by the monks of Agarathos Monastery from field to bottle.

Olive Oil Location Crete

What makes our olive oil so special?

Beyond extra virgin:
High quality olive oil is characterized by low acidity, among other things. In recognition of this fact, EU regulates the maximum acidity that extra virgin olive oil may have. The acidity of our olive oil (less than 0.4%), is far below the EU threshold (0.8%). As a result, you are buying olive oil with superb taste and enhanced health benefits.

Single harvest:
We never mix olive oils of different harvests. Every bottle indicates specifically the harvest season of the olive oil it contains.

Field-to-bottle accountability:
The monks of Agarathos monastery execute all steps involved in the production of our olive oil. This results in a fully traceable product directly linked to the producer.

Same-day milling & cold extraction:
The olives are harvested each morning and milled in small batches that same afternoon. The temperature is controlled at all milling stages and never exceeds 26°C. This process ensures an olive oil that maintains all of its aromas and that has minimum acidity.

Naturally filtered:
Freshly milled olive oil is always turbid. The oil you are holding has been cleared up by being allowed to decant for 8-10 weeks in stainless steel vats. This is a slow, natural process preserving the original flavour, colour and aroma of the freshly-picked olives.



Region of production:
Pediada province, Crete.


Harvest method:
Picked by hand.

Harvest period:
November to January.

Extracting Process:
First cold extraction (less than 26°C) within 5 hours from harvest.

Tasting notes:
Fruity nose with hints of artichoke and freshly-cut grass.
Lightly bitter and lingering peppery taste.

Analysis (versus EU limits):
Acidity: 0.32% FFA (0.8% FFA)
Peroxide Value: 8mEqO2/kg (20mEqO2/kg)
K270: 0.12 (0.22)
K232: 1.85 (2.50)
DeltaK: -0.002 (0.01)
High content of polyphenols.

750ml UVAG glass bottle.
Other packaging sizes available on request.