Premium extra virgin olive oil

Our Story

Maryó is the company we established to introduce the world to the culinary treasures of Greece - our homeland.

Travelling through the backroads of the Greek countryside, we encountered a dazzling assortment of delicacies. Their charm lies as much in the earthly pleasure they offer as in the personal stories of their producers. Hard-working people cultivating ancient family plots, monastic communities following time-honoured traditions,

young people turning to sustainable agriculture - this is the modern legacy of the Greek countryside.

Our ambition is to introduce you to these people and your palate to their produce. The first product we sign is a most brilliant exemplar of the cornerstone of Greek cuisine: a select batch of extra virgin olive oil produced by the monks of Agarathos monastery in Crete.

Maria Gaki & Giorgos Karandeinos

The Story of Maryo

Maryó (Μαριώ) is a Greek variation on the popular name Maria.
Its rural origins evoke both affection and purity of heart.

In our world, Maryó is a simple soul raised in the city. Like so many others, she spent her childhood holidays at her parents' ancestral village. While there, she would help her grandparents with their olive groves and vineyards and observe them lovingly tend their garden. In the evening, everyone would gather around the table to share food, wine and stories. Maryó's appreciation of culinary simplicity and purity of taste was reborn with every dish of local produce, until that simplicity became a part of her.

Maryó grew up, travelled and saw more of the world. That hasn't kept her from seeking out quality produce for her grocery basket. At home, she uses that produce to recreate the dishes engraved in her memory. By naming this series after her and opening up her basket to you, we aspire to let you revisit your own memories or create new ones for you and your family. Every culinary legacy is, after all, a path meant to be travelled by successive generations.