Maryó in Panaroma, Berlin

Around Christmas time, we spent a few wonderful days in Berlin. During our trip Maryó was with us, and she got a new friend in Berlin!

While strolling in the Prenzlauer Berg area, we had the chance to find Panaroma, a lovely wine-shop and espresso-bar and meet the owner, sculpturer Uwe Kahl.


Uwe has created an original and welcoming atmosphere in one of the nicest neighborhoods of Berlin. Panaroma worths a visit to have a perfect espresso, a bottle of wine or a bottle of Maryó Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. So, if you are in Berlin now you know where you can find Maryó!

Uwe’s website worth a visit to see some of his work ( . We  liked a lot his sculptures, their figures look as if they are coming from another world, yet looking so expressive and real!


Stargarder Str 76
10437 Berlin
Neighborhood: Prenzlauer Berg

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