Bread Festival, Brussels 17-05-2014

Previous Saturday, Maryó Artisan products, Giorgos and I were invited at the Bread Festival in Brussels. The event was part of the Europe day, and “A Discovering Network”- non profit association – made it possible for several Greek products to be presented to a broader audience in Belgium.   


The day was extraordinary: really warm and sunny. The event was really festive, there were many stands with food products from countries all over Europe. Of course the king was the bread 🙂 

Our stand was visited by several people who tasted our extra virgin olive oil, heard Maryó’s story but also about the importance of superior olive oil in our nutrition. Some people took Maryó home. We would be really interested if you could share a dish that you have prepared with Maryó extra virgin olive oil. We always like hearing about new recipes and sharing ours.


Giorgos had prepared a memory game with the European countries but people being so enthusiastic to have a chat with us about Maryó didn’t give us the time to play it. Only Fofi could give it a go for a while. And she won 🙂 


In the Greek neighborhood one could taste different olive oils, spirits and wines, and Greek delicacies. One could also among all discover the tricks of preparing a delicious homemade pita (pie), enjoy a cold cold Frappe (it was a bless such a day), and take home an olive tree. 

All thanks to A discovering Network ( ). This is a very enthusiastic team, putting a lot of “meraki” and nice spirit to organize events for introducing Greek products to people in Belgium. Once more Despina, Dora, Katerina, Thisvi and all volunteers you were fantastic. Keep up the good work 🙂  


 So we came back in the Netherlands with a lot of smiles, fun and a beautiful suntan. We look forward to the next event. 



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